Lawrence Horn

Lawrence HornAdvisory Board Member

Lawrence Horn
President and Chief Executive Officer, MPEG LA, LLC

Lawrence Horn is president and CEO of MPEG LA LLC, the world’s leading provider of one-stop licenses for standards and other technology platforms. MPEG LA pioneered the modern-day patent pool, helping to produce the most widely used standards in consumer electronics history. It has operated licensing programs consisting of more than 24,000 patents in 94 countries, with some 260 patent holders and over 7,200 licensees. Mr. Horn has directed MPEG LA’s licensing and business development since the company began operation.

MPEG LA offers transparent, one-stop licensing solutions that provide access to fundamental intellectual property, freedom to operate, reduced litigation risk and predictability in business planning. This enables inventors, research institutions and other technology owners to monetize and accelerate the adoption of their assets by a worldwide market while substantially reducing the cost of licensing.

MPEG LA is expanding access to other ground-breaking technologies, including CRISPR, electric-vehicle charging and wireless charging. It also has developed a platform for oligonucleotide therapeutics, which is available for licensing.

Before joining MPEG LA, Mr. Horn was:

    • head of business development, marketing and sales for Martek Biosciences Corporation, where he helped launch its first nutritional/medical product lines worldwide, introduced new products and planned IP strategies;
    • president and owner of HKM Corporation, where he helped to organize Cable Television Laboratories Inc, advised early-stage investors at The Discovery Channel and devised successful business plans for media industry and other financings;
    • senior vice president and general counsel of the Public Broadcasting Service, where he was recognized for turning around the television network company through a restructuring of its network distribution, programming and labour assets, while also managing human resources, labour negotiations and conference services;
    • an attorney with the US Securities and Exchange Commission Office of General Counsel; and
    • adjunct professor of Chinese law at Georgetown University Law Centre.

Mr. Horn graduated from Yale University (BA, Chinese studies) and Columbia University (JD).