Hina Mehta

Hina MehtaPractitioner in Residence

Email: hina.mehta@virginiaipc.org

Hina Mehta is a Practitioner in Residence at C-IP2. She is Director, University Commercialization Program atPreviously, as the Director of the Office of Technology Transfer at George Mason University, she oversaw all aspects of bringing university-initiated innovations to the marketplace. She was responsible for developing strategies for marketing, licensing and commercialization of intellectual property developed by university investigators. At Mason, she mentored faculty led teams in NSF funded entrepreneurship programs such as I-Corps. She brings together industry experts to assess the portfolio of multi-disciplinary inventions and facilitates seed funding through intramural mechanisms. Her previous experience includes biomedical research, strategic consulting and co-founding a startup. Hina is passionate about community service, and devotes her free time to three nonprofit organizations and is a recipient of Maryland Governor’s citation and Volunteer Excellence Service Award. She holds a PhD in Neuroscience from Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, India and an MBA from Robert H. Smith School of Business, Univ. of Maryland.