Michael Risch

Michael Risch
August 3, 2010 / Portraits / Prof. Mike Rische / Photo by Bob Laramie

Senior Scholar

Direct Dial: (610) 519-6836
Email: risch@law.villanova.edu

Michael Risch is a Senior Scholar at C-IP2 and the Vice Dean and a Professor of Law at Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law, where he is a member of the university IP Policy Board. Professor Risch’s teaching and scholarship focus on intellectual property and internet law, with an emphasis on patents, trade secrets and information access. His articles have appeared in the Stanford Law Review, Duke Law Journal, Iowa Law Review, Indiana Law Journal, Florida Law Review, George Mason Law Review, Harvard Journal of Law & Technology, and Stanford Technology Law Review, among other journals. His work has also appeared at the Yale Law Journal Online, and Penn. Law Review Online. Risch is a contributor at the Written Description blog and a periodic guest contributor at the Patently-O, Prawfsblawg, and Faculty Lounge blogs. His work has been cited by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Prior to joining the Villanova faculty in 2010, Professor Risch was an Associate Professor at the West Virginia University College of Law, where he founded the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Law Program and its Entrepreneurship Law Clinic. Prior to that, he was an Olin Fellow in Law at Stanford Law School, and a partner at intellectual property boutique Russo & Hale LLP in Palo Alto, California. He remains of counsel with its successor, Computer Law Group LLP. His practice centers around expert testimony; intellectual property litigation, licensing, auditing and protection; complex civil litigation; start-up and entrepreneurial counseling, and alternative dispute resolution. He is a member of the bars of California, the U.S. Supreme Court, the Ninth and Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal, and the Northern District of California.

Risch is also an avid computer programmer, and has customized, installed, and maintained portal web sites for both his own academic pursuits and his former firm. He also developed an electronic mail plug-in that allowed early versions of Novell Groupwise email software to seamlessly use Pretty Good Privacy encryption; Network Associates, the maker of PGP software purchased the software in 1998. Risch is a co-author of a book on software development for Novell Groupwise.

Professor Risch graduated from Stanford University with honors and distinction in public policy and with distinction in quantitative economics; he was a national merit scholar there. He earned his law degree at the University of Chicago, where he graduated with high honors and was an Olin Fellow in Law & Economics and a Bradley Fellow in Law & Economics.