CLE Materials for 2023 Conference on Culture & IP

Panel 1: The Future of IP and Religion  

Ayelet Hoffmann Libson and Adi Libson, Replacing God with Big Data: Personalizing Copyright Law

Tabrez Ebrahim, Intellectual Property Through a Non-Western Lens: Patents in Islamic Law (July 19, 2021). Georgia State University Law Review, Vol. 37, No. 3, 2021

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Tabrez Y. Ebrahim, Guest Post: Patents in Islamic Law (November 3, 2021). Patentlyo

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Linda Wallinder-Pierini, 2018. The Buddhist Dharma for Sale: Who Owns the Past? The Internet and Objects of Worship. Journal of Global Buddhism 19 (December 2018):95-111.



Panel 2: Indigenous Cosmologies

Amanda Black, et al., Indigenous peoples’ attitudes and social acceptibility of invasive species control in New Zealand, Pacific Conservation Biology, 2021.

Ana Manero, Kat Taylor, William Nikolakis, Wiktor Adamowicz, Virginia Marshall, Alaya Spencer-Cotton, Mai Nguyen, Quentin Grafton, A systematic literature review of non-market valuation of Indigenous peoples’ values: Current knowledge, best-practice and framing questions for future research, Ecosystem Services, 2022.

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Governing Knowledge Commons (Brett M. Frischmann, Michael J. Madison & Katherine J. Strandburg (Oxford University Press, 2014)

Chidi Oguamanam, Tiered or Differentiated Approach to Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expressions: The Evolution of a Concept, (2018).

Rachel Treisman, Which Indigenous lands are you on? This map will show you (NPR, Oct 10, 2022)

Alberto Vargas, WIPO’s Proposed Treatment of Sacred Traditional Cultural Expressions as a Distinct Form of Intellectual Property, Chicago Journal of International Law (2022)

Peter Drahos, When Cosmology Meet Property: Indigenous People’s Innovation and Intellectual Property, 2011.)

Robert P. Wheelersburg & Sean Melvin, Indigenous Intellectual Property Rights in the Arctic. Law, Knowledge, Culture (2009).

Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights, Assembly of First Nations

Solamalemalo Saeumalo Hai Yuean Faatapepe Menime Tualima and Kathy Bowrey, “Biological Resources as Cultural Property and Cultural Heritage” in Charles Lawson, Michelle Rourke, Fran Humphries (eds), Access and Benefit Sharing of Genetic Resources, Information and Traditional Knowledge (Routledge, 2023).

Virginia Marshall, “Indigenous Ontologies in ‘Caring for Country’: Indigenous Australia’s Sustainable Customs, Practices and Laws” in James C Spee, Adela McMurray, Mark McMillan (eds), Clan and Tribal Perspectives on Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability (Emerald Insight, 2021).


Panel 3: Gatekeeping, Gateopening

Eden Sarid, A Queer Analysis of Intellectual Property, Wisconsin Law Review (2022)

Jordana Goodman, Sy-STEM-ic Bias: An Exploration of Gender and Race Representation on University Patents, Brooklyn Law School, 2022.

Anupam Chander, Dancing on the Grave of Copyright?, Duke Law & Technology Review, 2019.

Kara Swanson, Intellectual Property and Gender: Reflections on Accomplishments and Methodology.

Goodman, Jordana and Patterson, Khamal, Access to Justice for Black Inventors (February 1, 2023).

Dr. Anjali Vats, talk on Taylor Swift, Copyright, and Black Intellectual Labor

Diversifying Intellectual Property Law: Why Women of Color Remain “Invisible” and How to Provide More Seats at the Table, American Bar Association.

K.J. Greene, Intellectual Property at the Intersection of Race and Gender: Lady Sings the Blues, Journal of Gender, Social Policy & The Law (2008).

Sterne Kessler article: “Promoting Diversity in IP Law: How Small Actions Can Lead to Big Changes.”

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Jessica C Lai, ‘Gendered “Objective” Patent Law: Of Binaries and Singularities’ (2020) 47(3) Journal of Law and Society 441-467.


Panel 4: Finding Identities, Freeing Voices

Goodman, Jordana and Patterson, Khamal, Access to Justice for Black Inventors (February 1, 2023).

Lateef Mtima, Copyright Social Utility and Social Justice Interdependence: A Paradigm for Intellectual Property Empowerment and Digital Entrepreneurship, West Virginia Law Review, (2009-2010).

Andrea Dennis, Black Contemporary Social Movements, Resource Mobilization, and Black Musical Activism, Law & Contemporary Problems (2016).

The Restoring Artists Protection Act, Representative Hank Johnson.

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Other media coverage:

Andrea Dennis, Poetic (In)Justice? Rap Music Lyrics as Art, Life, and Criminal Evidence, Columbia Journal of Law and Arts, (2007).

Colleen V. Chien, Opening the Patent System: Diffusionary Levers in Patent Law, Southern California Law Review, (2016).

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