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C-IP2 Statement Commemorating Marybeth Peters

C-IP2 is saddened by the death of former Register of Copyrights Marybeth Peters — an accomplished and inspiring copyright lawyer who led the U.S. Copyright Office from 1994-2010. Register Peters began her love affair with copyright on Valentines Day of 1966 with her appointment as a music examiner in the former Music Section of the Examining Division. She held numerous positions at all levels in the Copyright Office, ultimately culminating with her role as Register. 

Register Peters’ contributions to the law are enshrined in the Copyright Act, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and the numerous regulations implementing them. Her wise counsel will live on in untold hours of advice rendered to Members of Congress, various administration officials, and the many authors, practitioners and scholars who make their careers in the copyright world.  

Those scholars and practitioners include scholars at C-IP2 who remember Marybeth with thanks for her gifts of mentorship, her passion for knowledge and learning, and the kindness she showed us as we also pursue our love of creativity and innovation.