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Using Economic Models to Evaluate the Efficacy of U.S. Patent Examination

By William Matcham

For the Center for Intellectual Property x Innovation Policy blog, in fulfillment of obligations for the Thomas Edison Innovation Law and Policy Fellowship

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    • Policymakers frequently debate the effectiveness of the U.S. patent system – critics claim that problems arise from the ineffective patent application and examination process.
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C-IP2 2022 Fall Progress Report (June-August 2022)

Sean O'ConnorGreetings from C-IP2 Faculty Director Seán O’Connor

As our fall season of programming is underway, we are pleased to report on summer (June-August) programming and scholarship at C-IP2. Here are some highlights:

    • Fifth annual exclusive WIPO-U.S. Summer School on Intellectual Property virtually hosted about fifty students from around the world, taught by renowned experts from the academy and industry
    • Fourteen new Senior Scholars and Scholars (several of whom are former CPIP/C-IP2 Edison Fellows)
    • Professor Alexandra Roberts of Northeastern University joins in our new position of Senior Fellow for Trademarks
    • Three amicus briefs in major IP cases drafted and filed by C-IP2 staff and affiliates

We also organized the 2022-2023 Thomas Edison Innovation Law and Policy Fellowship and C-IP2’s 2022 Annual Fall Conference during this period—both of which were successfully held in person and will be included in next quarter’s Progress Report. Read more

C-IP2 Statement Commemorating Marybeth Peters

C-IP2 is saddened by the death of former Register of Copyrights Marybeth Peters — an accomplished and inspiring copyright lawyer who led the U.S. Copyright Office from 1994-2010. Register Peters began her love affair with copyright on Valentines Day of 1966 with her appointment as a music examiner in the former Music Section of the Examining Division. Read more

From Great Ideas to Global Impact – A Talk with Andrew Byrnes

The following post comes from Tuan Tran, a rising 3L at Scalia Law and a Research Assistant at C-IP2.

2022 Andrew Byrnes event flyer
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Small ideas can lead to big changes, which in turn can make a significant impact on the world, but—as technology executive, attorney, and investor Andrew Byrnes knows well—this is no easy task. Read more

Comment of 25 Law Professors, Economists, and Former U.S. Government Officials in Response to EU Commission Call for Evidence on Standard-Essential Patents

Led by Prof. Adam Mossoff and C-IP2 Senior Fellow and Senior Scholar Prof. Jonathan M. Barnett, twenty-five law professors, economists, and former United States Government officials—including C-IP2 Advisory Board members the Honorable Andrei Iancu, the Honorable David J. Read more

GRAMMY-winning Composer and Mason Artist-in-Residence Maria Schneider Led Events Across Mason Campuses

The following post comes from Laura Mertens and is cross-posted here from Mason’s Center for the Arts website with permission.

Known for fearless musical exploration and beautifully blurring lines between genres, composer Maria Schneider has earned seven GRAMMY Awards across the realms of jazz, classical, and even her work with David Bowie. Read more

Note to C-IP2 Community on Scalia Law Professor Tweet in Dobbs Opinion Leak Debates

Last week a Scalia Law School faculty member tweeted a breathtakingly offensive remark about a sitting Supreme Court justice from his personal account in the context of the leaked Dobbs opinion. It has come to light that this same professor has tweeted similarly disparaging comments regarding other groups that have endured longstanding discrimination. Read more