George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School

Sean O’Connor Joins George Mason University’s Scalia Law Faculty

Sean O'ConnorO’Connor will lead the Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property and expand innovation and entrepreneurship programs.

Professor Sean O’Connor, noted innovation law scholar, is joining George Mason University’s Scalia Law faculty as a tenured full professor and Executive Director of the Center for Protection of Intellectual Property (CPIP). Read more

Rep. Massie Introduces New Legislation to Restore America’s Patent System

dictionary entry for the word "legislation"Yesterday, Representative Thomas Massie introduced the Restoring America’s Leadership in Innovation Act of 2018 (H.R. 6264). This legislation would reverse many of the harms that have been caused by recent changes to the patent laws from all three branches of government.  Read more

TickBox Injunction Targets Blatant Inducement of Infringement

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a remote pointed at a TV screen showing a sports gameLate last month, a preliminary injunction was issued in favor of Netflix, Amazon, and six major studios in their case against the manufacturers of the set-top streaming device TickBox TV. The order comes as use of piracy-enabling streaming devices is on the rise, and it represents an initial victory in the fight against stream-based infringement. Read more

Concerns over ALI Copyright Restatement Leave Project in Limbo

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a shelf full of booksOver the past few weeks, widespread criticism has emerged over a superfluous and seemingly partisan effort to override existing copyright law. The target of concern is the American Law Institute’s (ALI) Restatement of the Law, Copyright project which—despite its stated mission to clarify copyright law—has been revealed as an influenced venture that could futher muddle already complex areas of IP law. Read more

Small Claims Bill Aims to Empower Copyright Owners and Creators

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U.S. Capitol buildingThis month, Congress introduced a bill that would establish a long-discussed small claims court for copyright disputes. The legislation comes after a House Judiciary Committee proposal based on a four-year review of the US Copyright system and a 2013 report by the Copyright Office that recommended “the creation of an alternative forum that will enable copyright owners to pursue small infringement matters and related claims arising under the Copyright Act.” Read more

International Trade Administration Report Highlights Strong Markets, Persistent Piracy

chrome 3D copyright symbolLast month, the International Trade Administration (ITA)—an agency in the US Department of Commerce that measures and promotes the export of nonagricultural services and goods—released its 2017 Top Markets Report, Media and Entertainment Sector Snapshot. The report provides updates on the steady growth of the US media and entertainment (M&E) sector, which includes the core copyright industries: books, newspapers, periodicals, motion pictures, TV production, recorded music, radio and television broadcasting, video games, and software. Read more

As Investment Moves Overseas, the US Must Restore its Gold-Standard Patent System

a lit lightbulb hanging next to unlit bulbsVenture capital investment in the United States has declined steadily for years, as investors abandon an uncertain domestic climate for more reliable opportunities in foreign countries. In a report on the current state of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, the National Venture Capital Association emphasizes the extreme decline in the US share of global venture capital in the last twenty years, highlighting a drop from 83% of global share in 1996 to just 54% in 2015. Read more