C-IP2 2021 Fall Progress Report (June-August 2021)

Greetings from C-IP2 Faculty Director Sean O’Connor Now that fall has officially begun, C-IP2 is wrapping up the summer with our Fall Progress Report for 2021 covering activities June through August. This is also our first progress report under our new name, since we rebranded on July 1 as the Center for Intellectual Property x Innovation Policy … Continue reading “C-IP2 2021 Fall Progress Report (June-August 2021)”

CPIP Second Quarter Progress Report (March-May 2021)

Greetings from CPIP Executive Director Sean O’Connor We are cautiously optimistic as locations around the globe move towards greater control of the COVID pandemic. With luck, diligence, and generosity by public and private sectors around the world, we can all strive for vaccines to be more widely accessible and a future in which we can … Continue reading “CPIP Second Quarter Progress Report (March-May 2021)”