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CPIP Supports Guidelines for the Protection of Fundamental IP Rights

U.S. Capitol buildingFebruary 2, 2015

The Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property (CPIP) is proud to join today’s open letter to Congress providing a set of guidelines for considering laws and regulations governing intellectual property.

The letter outlines some of the fundamental economic and moral considerations that underscore the benefits of strong intellectual property rights. Framed by the following guidelines, the letter also highlights the need to respect and protect our intellectual property rights.

  • Intellectual Property Rights Are Grounded in the Constitution
  • Intellectual Property Rights Are a Fundamental Property Right Deserving the Same Respect as Physical Property
  • Intellectual Property Rights Promote Free Speech and Expression
  • Intellectual Property Rights Are Vital to Economic Competitiveness
  • Intellectual Property Rights Must Be Protected Internationally Through Effective IP Provisions in Trade Agreements
  • Intellectual Property Rights Are Integral to Consumer Protection and National Security
  • Intellectual Property Rights Must Be Respected and Protected on the Internet
  • Voluntary Initiatives to Address Intellectual Property Theft Are Positive

The letter, signed by 67 scholars, think tanks, advocacy groups, and other experts, concludes by noting that the “Founding Fathers understood that by protecting the proprietary rights of artists, authors, entrepreneurs, innovators, and inventors, they were promoting the greater public welfare. The continued protection of these fundamental rights is essential to American innovation and competitiveness.”

Read the letter in its entirety here