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Weighing the Patent System

Here’s a brief excerpt of an op-ed by Adam Mossoff that was published in The Washington Times:

As the push for legislation making broad and wide-ranging revisions to the patent system has stalled, its advocates have shifted tactics. They have carved out the provision in H.R. 9 (the tendentiously named “Innovation Act”) that revises the rules for how patent owners can bring lawsuits and have introduced it as its own bill: the VENUE Act. This bill is proffered as a solution to the widely condemned practice of an unduly large number of patent lawsuits filed in a federal district court located in Marshall, Texas, a small town in eastern Texas. The problem is that this bill, just like the Innovation Act from which it was born, is neither balanced nor fair. It is time to directly confront the one-sided, biased rhetoric of the entire “reform” narrative that has gone almost unchecked inside the Beltway for several years.

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