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Innovate4Health: GRIT Leveraged Freedom Chair Brings Mobility to Developing World

This post is one of a series in the #Innovate4Health policy research initiative.

innovate4healthThe World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that over 65 million people in the developing world need an appropriate wheelchair. Over 75% of people in the developing world live in rural areas, where standard wheelchairs do not work, as they are hard to mobilize over rugged terrain and rough local roads that may not be paved. Read more

Explaining Efficient Infringement

By Adam Mossoff & Bhamati Viswanathan

files labeled as "patents"In a recent New York Times op-ed, “The Patent Troll Smokescreen,” Joe Nocera used in print for the first time the term, “efficient infringement.” This pithy phrase quickly gained currency if only because it captures a well-known phenomenon that has been impossible to describe in even a single sentence. Read more

New CPIP Policy Brief: Open-Access Mandates and the Seductively False Promise of “Free”

the word "copyright" typed on a typewriterCPIP has published a new policy brief entitled Open-Access Mandates and the Seductively False Promise of “Free.” The brief, written by CPIP Legal Fellow Bhamati Viswanathan and CPIP Director of Academic Programs & Senior Scholar Adam Mossoff, exposes the lack of evidence or justification for the proliferating legal mandates by federal agencies that coerce authors and publishers to make their scholarly articles available for free to the world. Read more