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Professors Balganesh and Menell on “The Curious Case of the Restatement of Copyright”

The following post comes from Ryan Reynolds, a 3L at Scalia Law and Research Assistant at CPIP.

a gavel lying on a desk in front of booksBy Ryan Reynolds

In 2015, the American Law Institute (ALI) made the announcement that it would restate an area of law that is dominated by a detailed statute—the Restatement of Copyright. Read more

From Star Wars to La La Land: How Intellectual Property Fuels Films

The following post comes from Mandi Hart, a rising third-year law student at Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University, who worked as a video producer before going to law school.

cameraBy Mandi Hart

Movies are a first-love in America and around the world, and their production is made possible by the existence of intellectual property (IP) rights. Read more