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FTC's PAE Study Makes Unsupported Recommendations

The FTC released its long-awaited study of so-called patent assertion entities, or PAEs, today. As many predicted, the FTC makes several broad recommendations for substantive and procedural reforms. The problem with this, however, is that the study was not designed to reveal the sort of data that could support such policy recommendations. The FTC itself … Continue reading “FTC's PAE Study Makes Unsupported Recommendations”

Acknowledging the Limitations of the FTC's PAE Study

The FTC’s long-awaited case study of patent assertion entities (PAEs) is expected to be released this spring. Using its subpoena power under Section 6(b) to gather information from a handful of firms, the study promises us a glimpse at their inner workings. But while the results may be interesting, they’ll also be too narrow to … Continue reading “Acknowledging the Limitations of the FTC's PAE Study”