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Copyright Reform Through Private Ordering

Note:  This post was cross-posted at the CATO Unbound on 1/14/2013.  The January 2013 issue of CATO Unbound feature a debate on copyright reform, Opportunities for Copyright Reform This post responds to the discussion in that issue, but it also stands alone as a critique of copyright reform proposals that fail to understand how copyright’s nature as … Continue reading “Copyright Reform Through Private Ordering”

Copyright, Economic Freedom and the RSC Policy Brief

Cross-posted to the Copyright Alliance Blog A few days ago, the Republican Study Committee signaled, and then retreated from, a vast change in the GOP’s attitude toward copyright. It released and then retracted a now infamous policy brief entitled “Three Myths about Copyright Law and Where to Start to Fix It.” This RSC Policy Brief … Continue reading “Copyright, Economic Freedom and the RSC Policy Brief”

Policy Debates On Patents Should Focus On Facts, Not Rhetoric ( Op-Ed)

[Cross-posted at Truth on the Market on December 18, 2012] A heavily revised and expanded verison of one of my earlier blog postings was just posted as an op-ed on  This op-ed addresses how the FTC and DOJ have let themselves become swept up in anti-patent rhetoric, as evidenced by the FTC-DOJ workshop on December … Continue reading “Policy Debates On Patents Should Focus On Facts, Not Rhetoric ( Op-Ed)”