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CloudFlare's Desperate New Strategy to Protect Pirate Sites

San Francisco-based CloudFlare has earned a somewhat dubious reputation in the online world. Website owners can set up CloudFlare in just a few minutes, gaining the performance, security, and privacy benefits the service provides. Traffic routed through CloudFlare’s global content delivery network is cached for faster delivery times and protected from numerous online threats. Pirate … Continue reading “CloudFlare's Desperate New Strategy to Protect Pirate Sites”

The Dangerous Combination of Content Theft and Malware

Cross-posted from the Mister Copyright blog. Malware, short for malicious software, has been used to infiltrate and contaminate computers since the early 1980s. But what began as relatively benign software designed to prank and annoy users has developed into a variety of hostile programs intended to hijack, steal, extort, and attack. Disguised software including computer … Continue reading “The Dangerous Combination of Content Theft and Malware”

The MovieTube Litigation: Who Needs SOPA?

Cross-posted from the Law Theories blog. On July 24th, six major studios sued MovieTube for direct and indirect copyright infringement, trademark infringement, and unfair competition in the Southern District of New York. MovieTube is alleged to have operated twenty-nine foreign-based websites that streamed, displayed, and uploaded infringing copies of the studios’ copyrighted works. Not knowing … Continue reading “The MovieTube Litigation: Who Needs SOPA?”

CloudFlare Enjoined From Aiding Infringers: Internet Unbroken

Just how far does a court’s power to enjoin reach into cyberspace? It’s clear enough that those directly posting or hosting infringing content are subject to an injunction. But what about a company such as CloudFlare that provides content delivery network and domain name server services? Does an injunction under Rule 65 against anyone acting … Continue reading “CloudFlare Enjoined From Aiding Infringers: Internet Unbroken”